Ugh, the dreaded question for so many business owners.

How often do we, as business owners, stop in our tracks when asked this simple question? Many business owners I work with tell me they cringe when asked for their website. They tell me they are embarrassed because their site isn’t a true reflection of their company, their work or themselves.

Isn’t it time to become the business owner who proudly hands over a business card? I think so!

New clients are knocking, are you opening the door?

I often come across websites that don’t realize they are closing the door to potential customers. We’ve all visited sites that show the last blog post was January of 2012, where the business promised to keep blogging weekly or monthly?

Since I started this business, the Internet has shifted in ways nobody could have ever imagined. It used to be that if you didn’t have a website, you were scrambling to have one designed as quickly as possible. Now, business owners are scrambling to create social media accounts and learn about hashtags.  Let’s not forget the role Internet marketing plays and yet many small business owners don’t understand how to incorporate it to see results.

Results. Aren’t results what every business is looking for? Here’s a simple thought to think about:

Visitors + Clicks = Purchases

Every time a visitor lands on your website or social media account, they have the potential to start clicking and make a purchase.


You have to remember, potential customers will only spend several seconds, yes SECONDS, on your site before clicking away. What are you showing them about your company in that short period of time?

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